Scialog: Advanced Energy Storage Team Award

Prof Ong’s team is one of six teams selected for the Scialog Advanced Energy Storage Team Awards by the Research Corporation (Rescorp) for Science Advancement. This project is a collaboration with Prof Scott Warren of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Prof Zhenxing Feng of Oregon State University to develop high-voltage dual-ion batteries….

Zr strengthening of MoSi2

Hui Zheng’s first paper on “Role of Zr in strengthening MoSi2 from density functional theory calculations” has just been published in Acta Materialia. MoSi2 is an important intermetallic with excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures. However, “pesting” by oxygen limits its application at intermediate temperatures. Using DFT calculations, we show that Zr nanoparticles act as…