Sr2LiAlO4 – A novel earth-abundant phosphor with excellent color quality

Our paper on “Mining Unexplored Chemistries for Phosphors for High-Color-Quality White-Light-Emitting Diodes” has been published in Joule. Using supercomputers and data mining, we identified Sr2LiAlO4, the first known Sr-Li-Al-O quaternary crystal, as a highly promising phosphor material in low-cost, high-color-quality white LEDs. Eu2+ and Ce3+-activated Sr2LiAlO4 phosphors exhibit broad green-yellow and blue emissions, respectively, with…


Meet the newest member of our group, Pythia@Mavrl. Named after the famed oracle of antiquity, Pythia is a GPU-based deep learning machine from Lambda Labs. Our lab will be utilizing Pythia to develop cutting edge models for materials property prediction and discovery.