Thank you for your interest in our group! We use an internal database to manage all applications to ensure a speedy and fair evaluation process. All applicants (regardless of type of position) should use this Google Form to submit an application. The evaluation process usually takes place in four stages:

  1. Preliminary review of submitted application materials. This usually takes place within two weeks of your submission.
  2. Initial interview via Zoom. We invite a subset of applicants for an initial interview with Prof Ong and his postdoctoral associates. In this initial interview, you will be requested to prepare a short 10-slide/10-min presentation summarizing your research experience, what you hope to get out of your time in the Materials Virtual Lab and what you feel you would be able to bring to the Materials Virtual Lab. You will be informed of the results of this initial interview within a week.
  3. Full interview. We invite you for a full day interview with the whole of the Materials Virtual Lab. You will be requested to give an hour-long presentation that outlines your research accomplishments and future plans in greater detail. Conditions permitting, this interview will take place in person and all travel expenses will be covered. In the event this is not possible, the interview will take place via Zoom. This interview is also an opportunity for you to get to know the group members and ask any questions you may have.

Before submitting an application, it is important to review the research vision and mission of the Materials Virtual Lab as well as its guide to make sure it is compatible with your career goals and experience. While we strive to be an inclusive, nurturing and exciting lab, we recognize that not everyone necessarily has the same scientific interests or preference of work environment.

Open Positions

Postdoctoral Associate

We are seeking to fill one postdoctoral position.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to lead exciting projects that integrate advanced first principles methods, information technology and experiments (through external collaborations) to develop novel materials in energy storage and solid-state lighting. They will also receive mentoring to prepare them for future careers in academia or industry, including project management skills, proposal writing and effective scientific communication.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate creativity, passion for scientific inquiry, and an ability to link fundamental science to real-world applications. The ideal candidate will also have:

  1. An advanced degree in materials science and/or solid-state physics.
  2. Experience with first principles methods, such as density functional theory (DFT), ab initio molecular dynamics, density functional perturbation theory or GW.
  3. Programming skills, preferably with experience in sustainable software development for robust widely used code bases.

Graduate and undergraduate students

We are always looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate researchers to join our group. For PhDs and undergraduates, a lack of prior experience is not a significant concern. What we look for are individuals who have the drive, creativity and potential to do transformative research. Successful applicants will receive an extensive on-the-job training and mentoring program designed to maximize their potential.

Application Form

Please submit your applications using this Google Form.