Sr2LiAlO4 – A novel earth-abundant phosphor with excellent color quality

Our paper on “Mining Unexplored Chemistries for Phosphors for High-Color-Quality White-Light-Emitting Diodes” has been published in Joule. Using supercomputers and data mining, we identified Sr2LiAlO4, the first known Sr-Li-Al-O quaternary crystal, as a highly promising phosphor material in low-cost, high-color-quality white LEDs. Eu2+ and Ce3+-activated Sr2LiAlO4 phosphors exhibit broad green-yellow and blue emissions, respectively, with…

Plenary Talk at 57th Sanibel Symposium

Professor Ong recently gave a plenary talk on “Creating It from Bit – Designing Materials by Integrating Quantum Mechanics, Informatics and Computer Science” at the 57th Sanibel Symposium held on St Simon’s Island in Georgia, USA. The slides of this talk at available on SlideShare. In this talk, he discussed two emerging trends that holds…

Editor for Computational Materials Science

Professor Ong has been appointed to the Editorial Board of Computational Materials Science. The goal of Computational Materials Science is to report on results that provide new insights into, or significantly expand our understanding of, the properties of materials or phenomena associated with their design, synthesis, processing, characterization, and utilization. All aspects of modern materials…

Ocean Discovery Institute

Professor Ong gave a talk on careers in STEM to 5th grade students from Hamilton Elementary at the Ocean Discovery Institute last Fri (Oct 14, 2016). He also worked with on building remotely operated vehicles. Check out the pictures below!

Pymatgen is one of the top cited papers in Computational Materials Science

Prof Ong’s paper “Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen): A robust, open-source python library for materials analysis” are among the top 3 most cited papers in the journal Computational Materials Science since 2011.┬áCheck out the paper and find out how the open-source pymatgen library can help accelerate your research today!

Li10SnP2S12 experimentally verified

A recent publication in JACS, “Li10SnP2S12: An Affordable Lithium Superionic Conductor” ( ) provides experimental validation of one of Prof Ong’s computational predictions. In an paper published in Energy and Environmental Science earlier this year, Prof Ong and colleagues predicted using advanced ab initio molecular dynamics simulations that Sn substitution for Ge in the Li10GeP2S12…

Pymatgen – 7th most downloaded article of 2013

Our paper on “Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen): A robust, open-source python library for materials analysis” is the seventh most downloaded article of 2013 in Computational Materials Science! Check it out here.