Our first PhD, Zhenbin Wang

Congratulations to Zhenbin Wang for successfully defending his PhD thesis on Mar 6! Zhenbin is the first PhD graduate from the Materials Virtual Lab.

Zhenbin joined the Materials Virtual Lab in Sep 2014 from the University of Science and Technology of China. During his PhD, Zhenbin has done ground-breaking work on the design and discovery of phosphor materials for white light-emitting diodes. He has devised new ways to screen for narrow-band red-emitting phosphors, provided useful optimization insights for the β-SiAlON green phosphor, and discovered a completely novel, earth-abundant phosphor host Sr2LiAlO4 that has been confirmed experimentally. Zhenbin is also an outstanding mentor to his fellow group members, having helped guide many to their own research findings.

Check out Zhenbin’s tribute video from group members and photos of the defense and celebration by clicking on the full post!