Chemical Reviews on Rechargeable Alkali-Ion Battery Materials: Theory and Computation

Our article on “Rechargeable Alkali-Ion Battery Materials: Theory and Computation” has been published in Chemical Reviews! Since its development in the 1970s, the rechargeable alkali-ion battery has proven to be a truly transformative technology, providing portable energy storage for devices ranging from small portable electronics to sizable electric vehicles. Written in collaboration with Van der Ven group, we present a review of modern theoretical and computational approaches to the study and design of rechargeable alkali-ion battery materials, starting from fundamental thermodynamics and kinetics phenomenological equations to their relationships to key computable battery properties. We also critically the literature applying these techniques to yield crucial insights into battery operation and performance and provide perspectives on outstanding challenges and opportunities in the theory and computation of rechargeable alkali-ion battery materials. Check it out at this link.