Pymatgen is one of the top cited papers in Computational Materials Science

Prof Ong’s paper “Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen): A robust, open-source python library for materials analysis” are among the top 3 most cited papers in the journal Computational Materials Science since 2011.┬áCheck out the paper and find out how the open-source pymatgen library can help accelerate your research today!

Electronic structure descriptor for narrow-band red phosphors

Congratulations to Zhenbin on his first paper “Electronic Structure Descriptor for Discovery of Narrow-Band Red-Emitting Phosphors” in Chemistry of Materials! Narrow-band red-emitting phosphors are a critical component in phosphor-converted light-emitting diodes for highly efficient illumination-grade lighting. In this work, we report the discovery of a quantitative descriptor for narrow-band Eu2+-activated emission identified through a comparison…