Disordered Rock Salt Anode for Fast-charging Lithium-ion Batteries


Our joint work with Ping Liu’s group on “A Disordered Rock Salt Anode for Fast-charging Lithium-ion Batteries” has been published in Nature. In this work, we report that disordered rock salt (DRS) Li3+xV2O5 as a fast-charging anode that can reversibly cycle two lithium ions for thousands of cycles. Because it operates at an average voltage of about 0.6 volts versus a Li/Li+, Li3+xV2O5 is less likely compared to graphite to plate lithium metal, alleviating a major safety concern, while still being 71% more energy dense than lithium titanate.

Zhuoying from the Materials Virtual Lab studied the new anode using DFT calculations. We propose a new redistributive lithium intercalation mechanism that suppresses the intercalation voltage and lowers energy barriers for diffusion. This low-potential, high-rate intercalation reaction can be used to identify other metal oxide anodes for fast-charging, long-life lithium-ion batteries.


Check out our work at here.