Healable Sulfur Cathode for Solid-State Li-S Batteries

Repaired Sulfur Cathode Interface

Manas’ final work on “Healable and conductive sulfur iodide for solid-state Li–S batteries” is now out in Nature! This work is a collaboration between Prof Ping Liu’s group and our group. Solid-state Li–S batteries (SSLSBs) are made of low-cost and abundant materials free of supply chain concerns. In this work, we report an S9.3I molecular crystal, which shows a semiconductor-level electrical conductivity. Our group’s main contribution is showing that iodine disrupts the molecular bonding in sulfur to lower its melting point, as well as introduce new states into the band gap of sulfur. This lowered melting point enables periodical remelting of the cathode to repair interfaces.

Check out this work here as well as the UCSD press release on this discovery.